SOME businesses in the Plaza Major do not like the positioning of the Christmas stalls because “they are formed is such a way as to isolate the sides of the square, where the boutiques are, leaving them without customers”. It is not the first year which has produced complaints. According to Mario Alvarez, manager of Huomo “the stalls are positioned with their backs to the square's shops, which means there is an empty corridor of space where few people walk. Also, there is a fritter stall positioned in the entrance to this space which stops people passing. The result is obvious, nobody walks round here and the boutiques are isolated, losing potential customers. How can we resolve this problem? It's easy. Turn the stalls to face the boutiques and bars. Then there would be a corridor with shops on both sides where people would walk and it would have more atmosphere”. Sebastia Ripol, owner of the Most & Most, thinks that “they have built a Berlin wall in front of us. They appear to think they can do whatever they want. And what about the businesses in the square who pay their taxes religiously throughout the year?”


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