Palma de Majorca.—Not only the Mayor, Mateo Isern but Citizen Safety Councillor Guillermo Navarro has also been congratulated by traders and businesses on measures which were put into operation on 18th and 19th November to stamp out the so-called “botellón” - or binge drinking in public.

The Paseo Maritimo Business Association has strongly recommended that the City Council apply what appear to be highly successful control measures on a regular basis.

A special police unit made up of some 20 officers swept through the most notorious street partying areas of the Paseo Maritimo, Gomila and Son Armadams on both Friday and Saturday nights in mid November. A number of people were “booked” for drinking alcohol in the street and for reaking bylaws through the misuse of public spaces.

The Police action had come just days after a meeting the Business Association (ACOIPAM) had had with Councillor Navarro to explain how the botellón was ruing their trade. Tourists and residents, the association said were being dissuaded from patronising hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants where street drinkers were revelling outside.

ACOIPAM's Managing Director, ACOPAIM said in the letter which the Association wrote to the Mayor that the City Council had acted swiftly and with firmness to stamp out what she described as “the scourge” of the Paseo Maritimo.

She pointe dout that the bylaws which had been approved by the City Council in theory under the previous Balearic government, covered the restriction of use of urban spaces by all members of the public, and did not just specifically apply to the behaviour of street drinkers.


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