BE they staying in all inclusive hotel complexes or not, the Balearic government is becoming increasingly concerned about ensuring maximum safety and security for visitors to the Balearics. With the highest regional crime rate in Spain for the consecutive year and a serious short fall in police, Balearic Interior Minister, José María Rodríguez, repeated his call for more police yesterday. The Minister launched his drive for more policemen and women two weeks ago and called for urgent talks with the central government delegate to the Balearics, Ramon Socias. However, it would appear little headway has been made with Rodríguez going on the offensive again yesterday.
This year in the Balearics, there have been 97 crimes committed per 1'000 inhabitants, well above the national average of 50 and the minister maintains that the primary problems is a serious lack of National Police and Civil Guard. He says that central government has neither taken into account the booming population and the resources need to police the millions of tourists which come to the region during the summer. “We live from tourism and in order to continue doing so, we have to make sure they are safe,” he said yesterday before adding that his department is busy trying to improve the levels of co-operation and co-ordination between the local and state security forces to maximise resources and manpower in a bid to reduce the crime rate while central government reaches some kind of decision.


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