Palma.—The ex President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar appeared in court in Palma yesterday following her alleged implication in the Voltor corruption scandal. However, Munar claimed her right not to give testimony on grounds of failing health.

Munar had been called to give evidence by Judge Carmen Abrines for the alleged part she played during a previous Balearic government in contracting more than 20 people to work in a local Information Technology Company (Cilma), all of whom apparently worked - in reality - for the former Majorcan Unionist party of which Munar was then head.

Some days ago, she appealed to the judge to set another date for her court appearance claiming that she was seriously ill, but Abrines insisted yesterday's date be kept.

Although Munar has so far not given evidence, Public Prosecutor Miguel Angel Subiran has made it known to the judge the questions which he wants to ask Munar.

At this stage, three agreements are being investigated which were made between the Council of Majorca and Cilma for projects which were financed between 2003 and 2007 when the Majorcan Unionists led the Council of Majorca.

These three projects were “Infomallorca”, an information website on Majorca; “Mallorca Digital”, a technology platform for digitalizing data bases; and “Eiel”, a research project on the needs of local town councils. The first was financed by the Tourism department of the Council of Majorca led at the time by Francesc Buils later to be appointed regional Tourism Minister; the second by the Local Cooperation department led by Catalina Julve, and the third by the Vicepresident's department under Miquel Nadal.


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