A study commissioned by the Council of Majorca warns that the Majorcan health services could in the future suffer an “elevated cost” due to diseases brought in by immigrants. The study says these diseases could be “transmitted, generated or introduced by insects, exotic animals or pets, plants, food, and human beings”.
According to the study, “Environmental problems for Majorca due to its multicultural nature,” written by Eulogio Cuenca Bonacho, a Doctor of Political Science, “in the future we will pay a high social price in health terms as a consequence of the diseases brought in by these groups which have not had any health screening before arriving here”. He added that the chief problem is “not that they may be carriers but they are not controlled and treated properly before arriving on the island.
Cuenca Bonacho started his study with an analysis of the different cultures on the island and ended with a summary of the principal environmental problems, referring to the “hygiene and health differences” among the different cultural groups. The study was commissioned by the Council of Majorca's Environment department run by Miquel Angel Borras, and highlights how cultural differences could influence the environment of Majorca. Borras confirmed that the study will not be published and that it is just an instrument for internal study.
The PSM (Majorcan Socialists), who have seen the text, described it as “scandalous” and say that the conclusion about the social cost of immigration “isn't the worst”.
They say they will raise the matter at the next meeting of the Council.


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