THE police have, from January up to the present time, reported a total of 151 Balearic residents for taking or selling drugs in the immediate vicinity of schools on the islands. This is part of the Police operation plan against the consumption and trafficking of drugs in schools and surrounding areas, which has just completed its fourth phase. According to sources from the Spanish Government's Representative's office, so far this year there have been two arrests for this offence.
Also, one drugs sales point outside a school was closed, although they declined to say which one.
As for the types of drugs which were seized during this period, cannabis headed the list, both in its natural form and in its processed form (resin or pollen, known as hashish). A total of 169 and 393 grammes respectively of cannabis was confiscated, totalling 0.56 kilogrammes of the substance.
To this must be added two grammes of heroin and one of cocaine.
For the start and continuation of this plan, the Spanish Government Representative's office has, up to November 21 this year, had a total of four meetings with its respective subdelegations. In addition to this it has had four meetings with the Security Council, a dozen meetings with Local Security Councils and 48 interviews with head teachers of schools on the islands. Throughout Spain, under the same plan, there have been 201 arrests around schools and 89 drug sellers have been “deactivated”, while the number of people reported was 4'877.
With regard to the drugs seized, once again cannabis and its derivatives topped the list, with 3.7 and 18 kilos respectively confiscated, while a little more than two kilos of cocaine was seized.
However, in contrast, up to 312 ecstasy tablets were confiscated and 331 tablets of other substances.
On Monday December 11 the fifth phase of this plan was started, which will be extended to centres for higher education and will incorporate measures for the control of bullying and aggression between students which sometimes affect the teachers.


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