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THE central Government's delegate to the Balearic Islands, Ramón Socías, has said that the fatal stabbing of 16 year-old Eusebio Ebulabate, originally from Equatorial Guinea, last Sunday allegedly at the hands of a Dominican Republic gang is “not an isolated case” after several reported incidents over the summer which involved rival gangs in Palma.

Socías said in a statement to the press that the stabbing has served “to highlight the need” to control the behaviour of the sparring gangs. He continued by saying that this first killing allegedly between opposing African and Spanish groups had alerted the Spanish Security Forces who have now undertaken to prevent any further incidents similar to Sunday's tragedy occurring again.

The delegate was adamant that the young members of Majorca's gangs are “localised” and will be controlled in an “exhaustive fashion”. He said that the youths were determined and loyal to their different factions, but that the police would be equally forceful in eradicating future gang violence.

Talking of a specialised branch of the state police force who are working closely in an attempt to closely “identify and control” members of the gangs- which can primarily be identified as four different groups; Ñetas, Bling Bling, Latin King and G.A. who each have “dozens” of members- Socías remained confident that measures will be taken to reduce the risk of repeated incidents.

He did, however, admit that the gangs were of a very violent nature, and have links with vast organisations in Latin America, and which exist in other forms thoughout the whole of Spain. He suggested that the members of the different gangs represent parts of the Spanish population which have not properly integrated into society, placing emphasis on the “education factor” in order to “integrate them as much as possible”. “There are social, educational and cultural aspects involved in the reasons behind these altercations, and integration is crucial in the fight against gang warfare”. Socías went on to insist the importance of not creating an air of xenophobia when talking of the gangs, pointing out that the 14 and 17 year old suspects in the Eusebio Ebulabate killing were members of the Spanish gang, Bling Bling. Following Sunday's stabbing local police will be out in extreme force this weekend thoughout Palma.


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