SINCE January the National Police have closed down a total of seven places where drugs were being sold in and around night clubs in the Balearics.
This operation is being carried out as part of the overall plan to combat drug trafficking on the Balearics and the distribution of drugs in leisure areas. According to sources from the Spanish Government Representative's Office, a total of 77 people have been arrested for trafficking drugs on a small scale in the Balearics so far this year, and 1'972 people have been reported for possession or consumption of drugs. Among the drugs seized in leisure areas during this period was cannabis, which headed the list for the amount of each drug seized, with seven kilos confiscated (either in its vegetable form or its derivative known as hashish). To this must be added another 1.4 litres of the same substance in oil form, as well as 0.81 kilos of cocaine and 0.36 of heroin.
A number of other drugs were seized: 222 grammes of “speed” (a derivative of amphetamine), 50 tablets of LSD, 2'600 tablets of Ecstasy, and 435 cubic centimetres of liquid Ecstasy. In addition to these, 249.5 grammes of various other substances were also found and confiscated.
During the operations carried out so far this year, the Guardia Civil and the National Police have inspected 343 night-time leisure establishments on the Balearics, which has resulted in 38 people being reported. With the aim of coordinating the measures against the sale and consumption of drugs in leisure areas, the Spanish Government Representative's Office has, up to November 21, had a total of five meetings with its subdelegations, 18 with the Local Security Councils and up to 71 contacts with representatives of companies in the leisure sector. In addition to these they have had another six meetings with residents associations.
Throughout Spain, under the same plan against the sale and consumption of drugs, 403 points of sale of drugs have been closed down, 1'426 people have been arrested, 39'730 people have been reported for the possession or consumption of drugs, and 2'489 leisure clubs have also been reported.


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