by Joan Collins
BEEF, oils, fats and fresh vegetables are the basic foods which rose most in price in the Balearics in the first 11 months of this year.
This is according to figures released this week by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).
To be exact, oils and fats rose 13.6 percent in price up to November, then 9.6 percent in November itself.
The price of beef rose 10 percent while the price of vegetables rose 11.4 percent.
Other basic products which rose by more than the average of 3.3 percent in the Balearics were: eggs, up by 6.9 percent; coffee, cocoa and teas also by 6.9 percent; lamb which rose 5.8 percent; bread which rose 4.6 percent; and fresh and frozen fish which rose 3.9 percent. On the other hand, there was a fall this year in the prices of: potatoes and their related products (-7 percent); fresh fruit (-1.6 percent); sugar (-0.8 percent); and mineral water, soft drinks and juices (-1.3 percent). In November, in addition to the hikes in oils and fats, one of the highest rises was the rise in the price of lamb (13.5 percent) in contrast with the same month last year, while there was a fall in the price of poultry (-3.7 percent), pork (-0.7 percent), and other meats (-0.3 percent) and in fresh and frozen fish (-0.8 percent)
The figures from the INE revealed that in November there was a big rise in the price of clothes and shoes.
This was due to the arrival of the new autumn/ winter collections.
The greatest rise was in the price of women's garments which rose 8.5 percent.
Men's clothing followed with a rise of 7.2 percent while prices for accessories and clothing repairs only rose by 5.2 percent.
Prices for women's shoes rose by 5.5 percent in November (although there has been total fall of 3 percent in the first 11 months of this year).
However, the price of men's shoes only rose slightly recording a rise of 2.5 percent.
There were a number of other factors affecting prices.
Among these was a sharp rise in the price of public transport. This rose 9.6 percent from January to November but only rose 2.4 percent in November itself. Throughout the year there was also a rise of 6.7 percent in the cost of personal transport.
It was in this last sector that prices fell 1.9 percent in November because of a fall in the price of oil per barrel.


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