Palma de Majorca.—Just 15.1 percent of people living in the Islands consider themselves purely Spanish whilst 5 percent refer to being specifically “Balearic,” the Centre for Social Investigation (CIS) revealed yesterday in a published survey.

Whilst these two findings were seen as more extreme viewpoints, a majority of 54.3 percent taking part in the survey saw themselves as much Balearic as Spanish.

14 .2% said they felt more Balearic than Spanish and 8.2% felt more Spanish than Balearic.
The sum of the findings showed that 23.3% of those interviewed felt “more Spanish” or “purely Spanish, whilst 19.2% felt “uniquely” Balearic or “more” Balearic.

The wide ranging survey which was carried out by the CIS last summer, revealed that less than 5% of the Islands' inhabitants (4.9%) believed that the Balearic Islands should be an independent state; whilst a separate 8.7% thought the contrary - that the Balearics should give up its regional autonomy so that Spain could once again have a single, all-powerful Central Government.

But 47.9% of interviewees said that the most ideal situation was the one prevailing at the moment, i.e. a regional government under a Central Administration. Just under 16% taking part in the poll said the region should have more powers than it does at present whilst 11.4% believes it has too many. Over a fifth of interviewees described themselves as Conservative, 15.1% said they were Socialist, 10.4% said they were “progressive,” 2.7% said they were nationalists.


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