Palma de Majorca.—Tobacconists in Manacor and Puerto Pollensa sold tickets for fifth prize in the Grand Christmas lottery which was drawn yesterday in Madrid.

Winnings for the whole of the Balearics totalled 132'000 euros.inni
The tickets, known as décimos, are split up into fractions of ten and in the case of fifth prize, winnings of 60'000 euros were allotted to each complete number series.

The lucky coupons were 57.038 and 34.001 but the proprietors of the ticket-selling tobacconists in Manacor and Pollensa were unable to say yesterday exactly what prize money had been won through their individual businesses because purchases had been made through automatic machines on the premises.

In Manacor, vendor Jaime Mascaró sold numbers belonging to the 57.038 series from his premises at No. 7B, Calle Amargura. Ironically, the word “amargura” in Spanish means “bitterness”.

One of the earliest prizes to be claimed in the Christmas lottery draw was for ticket number 3.643, one of the series of which was sold in Mahon on Minorca.

According to the State Lottery Organisation, a seller in Calle Bonaire No. 6 handed out 60'000 euros in winnings. A spokesman said that prizes won by people holding numbers belongiong to the 3.643 series had been awarded from 63 vendors right across the country.

The same vendor in Mahon, said the spokesman, also sold the whole series of a number ending in “68”, the same as the Christmas lottery's top prize (58.268) - in the case of Mahon, with a prize of 120 euros for the décimo.

This year, lottery ticket vendors in Minorca sold décimos to the value of 3.8 million euros for the Christmas lottery.
On Ibiza meanwhile, the longest established lottery ticket selling establishment on the island was responsible for winnings of a further 60'000 euros in prize money given that a coupon belonging to the series 62'718 drawn as a fifth prize in Madrid was purchased at the premises.

Juan Mayans, son of the owner of the property said: “We're thrilled, this is the first time that we have had a winning Christmas lottery ticket number sold from this establishment, even though we've handed out smaller prizes in other lottery draws throughout the year.” The vendor is located in Calle Antonio Palau No. 1 in the capital town of Ibiza where there are another four premises licensed to sell lottery tickets. There are a total of seven ticket sellers on the island. “Many friends and neighbours have been round to congratulate us but so far, none of the prize winners has come forward,” said Mayans.
Apparently the winning ticket was sold over the counter as opposed to through an automatic teller.


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