THE two chimneys for the electricity generating station at cas Tresorer have finally been finished. Anyone driving along the Manacor highway will now be able to see that the station has four such structures, two at a higher level than the others.
There is rhyme and reason behind the manner in which the chimneys have been built. At cas Tresorer, as at the central power station at Son Reus, energy is generated in so-called cyclical combinations produced by a group of turbines where one of them runs off the steam gernated by the others. Until the steam turbine functions, the mode of operation of the generating station is referred to as “open”; after the addition of the turbine, it will be known as “closed”.
Two turbines are already in operation at cas Tresorer and it is hoped that by the beginning fo the summer, the third will be functioning as part of the cyclical combination. Clearly, up until now, the cycle is an “open” one resourcing the two lower chineys. When the third turbine comes into play, the cycle will be “closed” and will resource the chimneys built on a higher level. And so the pairs of chimneys, one higher and the other lower, correspond to each of the turbines already in operation. The steam turbine has no need of chimneys.


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