THE Homicide Squad of the National Police are investigating a brutal stabbling which took place in Calle Manacor in central Palma in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Initial reports are that a pedestrian was attacked about 5.20am. A car apparently pulled up alongside him and three people got, surrounded the victim and proceeded to stab him in the leg. The man was knifed four times in total.

Local residents rang the Emergency Services after hearing cries for help. Medical crews attended the victim on site to stop profuse bleeding. He was then ferried by ambulance to Son Llatzer hospital in eastern Palma where he was immediately admitted to the Accident and Emergency Unit. Investigators say that the most probable underlying reasons for the attack stem from a “settling of scores” in the world of drug-related crime.

National Police efforts intensified as the day wore on yesterday to track down the three men who reportedly fled Calle Manacor in the same vehicle in which they had arrived.

Central Government Delegate in the Balearics, Ramon Socias, recently voiced concern over the rising number of drug-related incidents in Palma, particularly those involving so-called Latin gangs.

He said that the police were being particularly vigilant over conflict between rival gangs and that he was confident that the situation was “under control.”


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