THE success rate of the National Police and Guardia Civil in the Balearics this summer was down on the third quarter last year.
In contrast to a near two percent increase in crimes solved on the mainland, here in the Balearics, the number of reported crimes solved fell by 3.9 percent from July to September in comparison to 2005. However, nearly 700 more crimes were reported during the third quarter.
Last summer, 15.295 crimes were reported in the Balearics of which 4.553 were solved, just under 30 percent.
Between July and September this year, of the 15.960 crimes reported, 4.172 were solved, 26.2 percent.
The figures released yesterday by central government suggest that the two state security forces in the Balearics are continuing to struggle and that more members of the National Police and the Guardia Civil are still needed. The Balearic authorities, which have accused central government of failing to acknowledge the pressure put on the security forces by the huge increase in population during the busy summer months, are locked in a never-ending battle with Madrid over the need to boost the size of the two police forces in the region. Despite a recent deployment of new National Police recruits, the local authorities maintain that there is still a shortfall. Only last week, the Majorca Union party candidate for Mayor of Palma, Miguel Nadal, announced that he plans to introduce “civic agents” to help the Local Police increase security and safety in and around the city. Nadal said that the Local Police are too busy on administrative tasks or spend too much time at their desks as opposed to patrolling the city and “doing what they are trained for.” Over Christmas, the director general of the Guardia Civil and the National Police, former Majorcan MP Joan Mesquida, visited the two forces with a special Christmas message and support for those on duty over the festive period.