IT looks as though New Year's Eve this year is going to enjoy some almost balmy weather conditions due to an anti-cyclone hovering protectively over the Balearic Islands and the mainland of Spain. Skies will be cloudless and temperatures will be quite pleasant, above all around the middle of the day, according to the weatherman.
The anti-cyclone which is having an effect throughout Europe, began to make its presence felt yesterday right across the Peninsula and the Canary and Balearic Islands. Skies are now beginning to clear across all regions accompanied by an overall rise in temperature.
According to seasonal holiday weather predictions made by the National Weather Office, early morning mists will continue to swirl across the country, a precursor to the chill of the night air, particularly in the central north area of the Island. As of today, squally showers will begin to pound the Canary Islands but are expected to clear by tomorrow.
This is the very day when the north-east of the country will be hampered by low-lying cloud and plenty of rain on the coast of Galicia.
This rain may continue to Saturday, albeit much weakened in “storm strength”.
The rest of the Peninsula however, will enjoy clear skies with some comfortingly warm temperatures around midday.
Stable weather will, however, be the order of the day on New Year's Eve throughout all regions of Spain.
According to the same sources, there will only be light rain in the extreme northeast stretching to the coastline of Cantabria although these too will die out in a couple of days.