PALMA has the most expensive water in Spain, according to a report drawn up by the Consumers in Action Federation (FACUA), which said that price differences from town to town can be as much as 426 per cent. A spokesman claimed that water is the only domestic utility which is not regulated on a national level, and he called on the central government to remedy the situation. He said that government action to promote water charges which encourage saving could help reduce the huge differences in prices.
Twenty-two of the 28 cities studied charge for water by blocks of consumption, but with different criteria: only 12 apply corrective factors to families with more than a certain number of members. Castellon, Madrid and Pamplona are the cities with the cheapest water, and Palma, followed by Barcelona and Alicante, those with the dearest.
If the charges which 17 of the 28 municipalities impose to cover sewage or to improve infrastructures are included, Palma still has the dearest water, while Logroño has the cheapest. The Palma city council is trying to encourage residents to save water and so far has installed a special apparatus to reduce consumption in 394 homes.
The experiment will run until the end of March.