THE Council of Majorca's Works and Services department is setting aside 800'000 euros to be spent over the next two years on managing traffic flow along the city's ringroad and at key access routes to Palma.

Works to be carried out under this budget, will also include traffic light co-ordination along Majorca's major highways. The Council has put contracts out to tender, the bid period for which will finish after the second week in November.

Highways director, Gonzalo Aguiar explained that a joint venture company is currently taking care of the information panels straddling the Ringroad, traffic watchdog cameras, and security in the Son Vic tunnel.

At the control hub located in the Council of Majorca's premises in General Riera in Palma, staff are able to keep a detailed watch on how traffic is moving, if there are any major queues or incidents and what has caused them. The hub has responsibility of giving a general alert to emergency services and police in the event of accidents and to fast forward a synopsis of events to the control panels along the Ringroad and Access routes so that drivers are aware of delays and hazards. “This type of information flash is a highly specialised technology,” said Aguiar.