STAFF REPORTER EMT, Palma's municipal bus company yesterday presented its twelve new natural gas-powered vehicles. The new additions to public transport are a pilot project in the Balearics and may well lead to further additions of vehicles running only on clean energy.

Palma's Mayor Aina Calvo and Transport Councillor Jose Hila were at the presentation of the new vehicles yesterday.
The Balearic government has funded the replacement of Palma's bus fleet to the tune of 14.4 million euros. The money has purchased 54 new buses, including the 12 which will be running on natural gas. Natural gas is a less contaminating fuel resulting in a cleaner city.

The pollution it causes is much less harmful than that produced by diesel fuel, in fact carbon monoxide emissions are lower by 25 percent.
The number of buses running on clean energy in Palma falls well within current European Union guidelines on switching to more environmentally-friendly fuels. Palma's fleet already meets the conditions the EU wants to see in place by 2014, meaning that the Balearic capital is five years ahead of its time. Buses running on natural gas also run more quietly and will cause less nuisance to walkers and cyclists.