THE Balearic Red Cross will spend 6'000 euros in renewing its fleet of 22 vehicles specially adapted for disabled children and elderly people with mobility problems. A cheque for this amount was presented to the Red Cross yesterday by the Colegio de Abogados (College of Lawyers). It represents part of the 0.7 per cent of the College's budget which is assigned to charity, the head of the college explained yesterday. Twelve of the 22 vehicles are buses (nine in Majorca and three in Ibiza) and ten are vans (two in Majorca, seven in Minorca and one in Ibiza).
Each year they are used to transport around 650 people with mobility problems.
The cheque was accepted by Miquel Alenyà, chairman of the Red Cross in the Balearics, who explained that the vehicles had to be renovated in order to meet current needs. He added that the College's gesture “should serve as an example for other institutions, because there are not many who offer this type of aid.” He went on to say that “we are dedicated to helping people in developing countries, but we must also care for those who need this money in the Balearics.”