THE President of the Majorcan Tourist Board, Alvaro Middelmann, confirmed that the Board has a possible site in mind for the Tourism Museum which it has proposed should be constructed in Palma. This museum, in his view, would contribute to bringing Majorcan society closer to the “wealth” of the principal economic activity in the Balearics, and it should include most of the exhibition “100 Years of Tourism” which was shown last year in Sa Lonja. Middelmann said that the Board was planning to promote a series of acts aimed at improving society's perception of tourism, especially the young.
They include a series of lectures in local schools and excursions.
Middlemann made a “positive” assessment of his first year at the head of the Tourism Board, which was founded more than 100 years ago.
He said he was “satisfied” and announced that he would shortly present a new strategic plan for the Board.