Palma de Majorca.—The cycle service for those wanting to explore the highways and byways of the north of Majorca used to be funded by the Balearic Sustainability Foundation but this is shortly to be closed down and its powers taken over by the regional Ministry for the Environment.

Since the middle of last month, the one person running the cycle service to the public on the Son Real estate was given orders not to give out any new green cards enabling tourists and residents to visit environmental attractions such as the Albufera nature reserve in Muro. The green card, set up by ex Environment Minister Jaume Font, was available for a pre-paid fee of 10 euros and allowed discounts in shops and museums for residents and unlimited cycle use on Son Real, Albufera and in the Parc dela Mar in Palma. Bicycles can now only be loaned at Son Real to former users who have a valid green card and only in office hours Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

Not even a minimum service is available in the Albufera nature reserve. Whilst the Tourism ministry has said that the issue of the green card is still “an outstanding matter”, complaints are pouring in from people who made use of the green card service which eight years ago replaced the so-called “eco-tax.” The card was used annually by thousands of visitors.