Palma de Majorca.—A report compiled by the National Institute of Statistics for Central Government and published yesterday showed that 1'289 people - both Spaniards and foreigners - had left the Balearics by the end of September this year to find work and start a new life abroad.

Just one year earlier, the number of people leaving the Balearics throughout the 12 months of 2010, reached just 851. This means that in just the first nine months of this year, emigration has shot up by 51 percent.

Research on demographic movements over the past few years, claimed the INE shows that an increasing number of Spaniards are leaving the Balearics. The number of Spaniards coming to the Islands has been exceeded by those leaving the Balearics to go abroad since 2009. Figures for 2010 show that 181 more Spaniards left the Balearics than came to live here. A year later, the loss of Spanish population has risen to 479.

Since 2000, the number of foreigners coming to the Balearics has been declining but still there are more arriving than leaving. Up until September this year, 10'637 foreigners came to the Balearics whilst 7'903 left. There are now 2'255 more foreigners in the Balearics than there were at the beginning of the year.