THE ecological group GOB and the Salvem Mallorca Platform have started to distribute 50'000 leaflets in which they denounce “the destruction the island in suffering”. The distribution of these informative leaflets, during what is left of this month and throughout January, is part of a campaign which carries the slogan “Enough” in reference to the pleas by the ecologists for a halt to the environmental destruction. Sources from GOB say that the leaflets expose, in a graphic manner, “the main causes of the destruction and harm which the island has suffered during the last few years, basically the construction of motorways, runaway urban growth, the Parc de Ses Estacions, the Parque to Ses Fontanelles, quarries........etc”. The leaflets also carry a list of demands referring to building and town planning, infrastructures, natural spaces, transport, recreation ports and the airport, amongst other matters. In addition to this, “it depicts the most important activities which are planned to bring their grievances to the attention of the authorities, such as the popular legislation initiative and the demonstration on February 14. GOB's spokesperson, Miquel Angel March, said that the figure of one million inhabitants in the Balearics should make the public bodies reflect on the unsustainable growth which is happening in the region. March said he considered that, while the existing urban development continues, based in good measure on construction, it is impossible to try to halt the wave of immigrants into the Balearics. He said that it was not possible to establish limits for the arrival of new immigrants, only to contain the existing economic model, which is what is attracting immigrants to the islands. In his opinion, the excessive growth of the population brings with it negative consequences for the land. For example, new structures, such as desalination plants, power stations and roads are needed to serve the additional population who settle on the islands due to the current economic model favoured by the institutions.