WHY does the Balearic government continue to open old wounds and disputes over Catalan? I thought that basically the issue had been settled some two decades ago when it was decided that both Catalan and Spanish Castilian would have equal billing in the Balearics. It didn´t please all but it was a compromised deal and it was widely accepted. End of story. But enter Jose Ramon Bauza and his Balearic government who continues to put his administration on a collision course with those who support Catalan. First, he decided to introduce a new language teaching plan in English, Catalan and Spanish. Nice idea but teachers did not have the necessary training and as a direct result thousands of school children have seen classes disrupted because of strike action by the teachers. The latest  idea on the table is to abolish the law which requires menus to be in both Catalan and Spanish.  The Bauza government maintains that Spanish is King and there is no need for Catalan. Well, I think they  are wrong and they are busy rocking the boat over an issue which was resolved many years ago. Bauza can´t turn back the clock and in some ways turn his back on the language of these islands. Catalan is here to stay whatever the efforts of the Bauza administration. It is widely spoken across the Balearics. Yes, he is right to encourage local school children to learn English but in these difficult times he should try and end all the language confrontation.