THERE is some confusion at the moment about what is going to happen to our satellite television when the changeover takes place next month. As far as I know the signal will be broadcast from another newer satellite which could mean that some parts of the island lose signal strength and even some satellite channels from next month. Now, obviously there are other options such as the Internet but things are certainly changing. Now, I have always thought that some British expatriates would return to Britain if they lost their satellite television, it is a vital lifeline for many people. So don´t you think the time has come for British television abroad to be put on a more legal footing?  Would you be prepared to pay the BBClicence fee in return for BBCprogrammes without any problem? I think the answer to this question in many cases would be yes. I find it  incredible that people on the island moan about BBCtelevision eventhough they are not paying a penny towards its upkeep. The BBC is desperately short of cash at the moment and would welcome any additional revenue from abroad especially Spain, when it probably has one of its biggest audiences outside the United Kingdom. Now, while we have all heard alarming stories before about the demise of satellite television it would be nice to end these frequent horror stories with a fully legal and readily available British television system in Spain.