SITTING in Majorca, in a country which is at the heart of Europe, Ifind it quite amazing how eurospectic Britain has become. The latest opinion polls suggests that UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, has overtaken the Conservatives, ahead of the European elections. Now, Ifind it rather amazing that anyone would even think about voting for UKIP because they are still a one-policy outfit, bring Britain out of  the European Union and all will be well. This is complete nonsence. Could Britain survive without being a member of the European Union ? I don´t think so. Basically it is a question of better being in than out. Remember that our life in Majorca is substantially better because of Britain´s membership of the European Union. We can vote in local elections, we do not need work permits and we are entitled to discounted travel between the islands and the mainland.  If UKIPhad their way we would lose all these advantages which would be a big shame. The European Union obviously has its faults and they do need fixing but really, it is only the British who have a problem with it. If the Conservatives are returned to power at the next election and the referendum on membership of the European Union does take place, Ican see Britain voting no to memembership. This will be a big mistake and could cost the country jobs and investment. Change the European Union from inside rather than outside, is my suggestion.