It has been a much talked about rumour over the past year and now the Bulletin has the figures to confirm that the British are leaving the Balearics.

Palma.—The recession, the  fluctuating strength of the Pound against the Euro over the past six years and the lack of employment opportunities are just some of the reasons for why between 1 January 2012 and 1 January 2013, a total of  3,962 UK residents and 9,036 German residents  left the Balearics.
There is, however, a new loop hole in Spanish law and that is if an EUresident has not re registered on the padron at their town hall within a period of three years, they are no longer counted, but that is only going to account for a small percentage of what could be described as an exodus.
None of the islands have been spared but, obviously, Majorca, has lost the largest number of UK and German residents.