.—The Guardia Civil is having to rethink its strategy in the hunt for missing 15-year-old Malen Ortiz after the DNA tests carried out on items found at the Sa Porrassa farm between Magalluf and Son Ferrer have ruled out that she was ever on the estate as suspected by investigators.

After two agonising weeks of waiting for the results to return from Barcelona, the Guardia Civil are still none the wiser about what has happened to the teenager who was last seen in Magalluf on the early afternoon of 2 December when she was due to meet her boyfriend at 3pm in Son Ferrer.

She never showed up and has not been seen since.

CCTV cameras caught her walking close to the semi abandoned farm, on the day she went missing which is why the Guardia Civil and forensic scientists spent days searching the farm and removed certain items for tests.

The final call made from her mobile phone was also in the vicinity of the farm. All this led the police to suspect that she had been taken to the farm by force which is often used by the homeless.

However, the DNAresults have ruled that line of inquiry out and the investigators are now going to have to decide on what approach to take now.

Over 600 police and experts from Majorca and the mainland have been involved in the investigation and Guardia Civil chiefs have vowed that every thing is being done to try and resolve the case of missing Malen.

A few days ago, a team of psychologists from Madrid began interviewing close friends and family of Malen in order to try and establish what frame of mind the teenager had been in during the days leading up to her disappearance.

Both her parents, which are separated, have posted a number of videos on the Internet pleading for her to come home, but so far, nothing.