IT was rather a shame that this year´s San Sebastian festivities were such a washout in Palma but I also think that the city council should try and bring at least one big name  act for the night. Over the last few years the budget for the night of concerts has been gradually reduced as the recession contines to bite and the crowds have also thinned. It still a great night and the city council should be congratulated for organising the event in the first place but  a few more euros for the budget could pay a healthy dividend. The city council is busy trying to promote Palma as a getaway weekend destination and Mayor Mateo Isern is leading a major promotion drive in all the major European capitals. If the council increased the budget for San Sebastian it could easily become a major winter tourism event, attracting people from all over Europe. Even in its present form I still believe that it has great potential as an out-of-season event. The airlines have made it clear; if there is demand for winter flights they will be happy to put them on. So the council needs to talk with the airlines and get them to put on more flights for San Sebastian. Iam sure that there would be demand.  A night of free music and fun in one of the most beautiful capitals in Spain, Iam sure that there would be hundreds if not thousands of takers. Like most things in Majorca at the moment, it just needs some promotion and some common sence.  It is certainly not rocket science.