THERE are an estimated five million non-Spaniards living in Spain and in the Balearics one-in-five people are non Spanish. Spain has successfully accepted millions of immigrant workers over the years without a problem.  Despite record high unemployment, Spain has realised that it needs foreign workers who play a key role in the economy.  Now, immigrant  workers coming to Spain is something new but I think you can safely say that in the majority of cases they have been welcomed with open arms. So why can´t Britain learn from Spain and realise that foreign  workers are needed to ensure economic growth and prosperity? The anti-immigrant “lobby” in Britain appears to be enormous eventhough they are vital for Britain´s economy. I am astounded at some of the headlines in Britain´s more popular press about immigrants which in some cases are rather nasty. I am amazed at all the fuss about Polish workers and Polish food stores opening up in Britain.  Let us remember that it was Polish pilots serving in the Royal Air Force which helped Britain win the battle of Britain in 1940.  So I think it is time that some sections in Britain stopped criticising immigrants and admitted that they are needed to keep the economy on track and help provide future prosperity.  Immigrants are not stealing British jobs they are successfully working in Britain, earning a wage and paying their taxes.  Obviously, there are some bad apples but the big majority come to Britain in search of a better life and employment.  Britain should be proud of their contribution and their help.


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