By Jason Moore

THE British government has finally taken the issue of Spanish naval incursions into Gibraltar waters seriously and has stationed one of the Royal Navy´s biggest warships at the Rock for a week and has also increased the manpower available to the Gibraltar squadron of fast patrol vessels. But is it too little too late? The government of Gibraltar has pleaded with the Ministry of Defence to permanently base a frigate or destroyer at Gibraltar to halt the incursions in to  soverign waters by Spanish Naval vessels and fishing craft. Now, obviously Britain has to tow a fine diplomatic line and can´t be seen to be sabre rattling in any way but Spain should stop trying to make trouble. Enough is  enough. Stop the incursions and the delays at the border and everyone can get back to normal. The last thing the British government wants at the moment is a row with Spain over Gibraltar. But some British MPs have been calling for a show of force and this has come about in the form of  HMSDiamond, a Type 45 destroyer, which arrived in Gibraltar on Sunday. Now, eventhough she will only a spend a week in the Rock before heading for the Persian Gulf her presence will have broadcast a clear message to the Spanish government. Iwould like to see Spain and Britain working together diplomatically. It is evidently clear that Britain is not going  to surrender Gibraltar any time soon so perhaps it is time that the Spanish government faced the facts. 


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