THERE was panic across some parts of the island yesterday as some British expatriates found that they could no longer receive BBC television or radio. For some it was a nightmare scenario, rather confirming my theory that satellite television has become a vital part of expatriate life. Our facebook page receives hundreds of messages from readers across the island giving an up-date on the state of  their signal and what they could and couldn´t receive. There was concern and relief and satellite television companies found that their switchboards had been jammed. So has expatriate life on Majorca changed dramatically for good now that some people are unable to receive their favourite BBCTV channels? Well, I don´t think so and Iam sure that a solution will be found. It could either mean a bigger satellite dish or even internet streaming. But don´t worry I sincerely doubt that many of you will be left out in the cold. We are exceptionally lucky that we can receive satellite television at all and perhaps yesterday´s scare was a wake-up call for many. When I first moved to Majorca in the 1975 the only BBC channel that could be received in Majorca was the BBC World Service (radio). Every British expat on the island tuned-in and I suspect that many never dreamed that one day they would be able to receive all the BBCchannels in Majorca. We´ve never had it so good and yesterday was a timely reminder  of how important satellite television is to our daily lives.


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