SO the Liberal Democrats are promising to give us our very own British Member of Parliament representing British expatriates living in Spain. It sounds like a good idea but what exactly would this person do? Would he or she be able to press for the return of our old style residence certificates? Well, Idon´t really think that the British parliament would be too interested in this issue and I sincerely don´t that British Member of Parliament would have much clout with the Spanish government. It is a nice idea and does show that the political parties in Britain are finally looking abroad. But really Iwould  prefer if the coalition government just scrapped the 15-year-rule on foreign voting and allowed us to have our say on British politics. The 15-year-rule is a disgrace;as long as you retain your British nationality you should be able to vote whether you live. I think the last thing that Britain needs at the moment is yet more MPs especially one representing a foreign constituency.