DID we move to Majorca because we could receive British television in our front rooms in the sun?Well ofcourse not, we moved to Majorca in the majority of cases, in search of a better life. Obviously, being able to receive British satellite television on the island is a bonus, but nothing more and nothing less. I have always had a theory that some expatriates would return to Britain if they couldn´t watch British television on the island. Now obviously Iam talking about a small number of people but it has become a major part of expatriate life, which in some ways is rather a shame. There is plenty more to Majorca than satellite television. Let us remember that Majorca is not Britain in the sun! Spanish television, for instance, broadcasts many of its programmes in English  using the dual system. Spanish television will be showing all World Cup matches and the Premier League is readily available.  Now, the majority of us will be able to continue to watch all British television channels via satellite in Majorca. But perhaps  this “satellite blackout”has given us a reality check. Iknow one radio personality who often said that he had to compete against the “soaps” when he was doing his evening radio programme in Calvia. I always thought this was rather sad because his programme was about Majorca, our new home and not about British soaps which we allegedly left behind when we moved to the island. Give me Paseo Mallorca any day to Coronation Street! Enjoy Majorca and what it has to offer. It has alot more to offer than Downton Abbey or Eastenders.


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