THE BBChave made their thoughts over our satellite television plight very clear: “the BBC’s domestic services are for licence fee payers living in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man only,” said a spokesperson. So really we haven´t got a leg to stand on. We don´t pay a licence fee but we still enjoy BBCprogrammes. So I would like to suggest that perhaps the time has come for us to pay the licence fee. I know that it is an outrageous state of affairs but perhaps this would put an end to the present satellite problems. Make it all above aboard. End of story. We must remember that the hard pressed British taxpayer supports the BBC and obviously the fact that we are watching programmes for free hasn´t escaped them or the BBC for that matter. I get the impression that one of the reasons why broadcasting was moved to another satellite was two-fold;firstly to improve the signal in Britain and secondly to make it more difficult to people to receive  programming outside Britain. In Majorca we have been lucky and we can still enjoy the best of British television in most parts of the island. Even those who are having difficulty at the moment can either buy a bigger dish or there are other alternatives. But there are some people on the mainland who have had a complete black-out. So is it the time for the BBClicence fee? Well, I think so at least it would resolve the problem and ensure that we can still receive our favourite programmes.


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