THERE is more to do in Majorca in Winter than during the Summer. This is not just some phrase dreamed up to underline Majorca´s joys  during the Winter, it is true. Take last Sunday. The Day of the Balearics was being celebrated across Palma with an enormous open air market which stretched from the Parc de la Mar to the corner of the Paseo Mallorca. There were a wide range of stalls selling everything from food to souvenirs. And then in the afternoon Palma´s big carnival parade took place through the streets of the city. Two hours of great entertainment and fun. But sadly it was very much a “local fiesta” because the tourist season is not into full swing. Why go to Barcelona when you could have come to Palma and enjoy a brilliant weekend of carnival and the Day of the Balearics? Barcelona continues to be one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations in the world but Palma should be putting it in  the shade.  If only the local government had advertised these events across northern Europe! I suspect that thousands of tourists would have joined the fun. As I have said on many occasions in this space it is not rocket science. If you have a good event it needs to be advertised locally and abroad. There are now a large number of hotels open especially in Palma and there is plenty to do on the island.  Unfortunately, Sunday was yet another example of an opportunity missed. When is the local government going to finally wake up?