Palma.—Crimestoppers’ s Operation Captura has enjoyed considerable success in tracking down Britons most wanted, primarily with the help of the general public, and now the Guardia Civil have done the same.

The Guardia Civil have released a lit of their top ten most wanted criminals.

The list has been distributed internationally, with the hope of seeking the cooperation of both the police and citizens of other countries, in order to locate and apprehend the nine men and one woman, wanted in connection with such serious crimes as homicide, murder, membership of criminal groups and drug trafficking

The Guardia Civil have also detailed how they have been involved in assisting international law enforcement agencies during 2013, with 189 arrests, of which 24 were international arrest warrants issued by Spain.

The youngest detainee was 20 years of age, whereas the oldest was 76, with the average age range of fugitives being between 20 and 49 years of age. Of those arrested, 178 were male, the remaining 11 were female.

Regarding the nationality of those arrested the Guardia Civil state that the biggest group of arrestees were from Romania, where 44 originate, there were 14 from Morocco, 14 from Poland, 12 from Germany and 7 from the United Kingdom.

The remaining were from a range of some 40 different countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Senegal and the United States.

The highest number of fugitives were located in Madrid, where 21 were detained, followed by the Balearics with 20 arrests, and Alicante seeing 16 people locked up, followed by Málaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Valencia, Almería and Castellón.

Apart from the capital, the bulk of those arrested settled in the islands as well as the provinces of the Mediterranean coast, where large colonies of foreigners reside, the main reason the locations are chosen by the fugitives of justice to attempt to hide, according to the authorities.

Of the total arrested, 37 of them were linked to crimes of drug trafficking, 14 were wanted for crimes of fraud, 42 for property crimes, 14 perpetrators of homicide or injury, 8 related to sexual assault, 7 for money laundering and 74 for other criminal activities, including abduction, forgery, threats and misappropriation.

If any of these fugitives are spotted, please contact either the Guardia Civil or local police immediately, and help the authorities bring this latest batch of wanted criminals to justice.


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