DO expatriates turn their back on the politics of their “home” country when they move abroad? I would certainly say, no, because these days thanks to the 24 hour new channels, the internet and relatively cheap flights, expats are more in touch with their country of origin than ever before.  I know some expats who are furious that they can no longer vote because they are barred from doing so thanks to the fifteen year rule. But efforts by British political parties to get expats to vote have been largely unsuccessful despite the fact that there are 800,000 British citizens living abroad. The Conservative Party has probably been one of the most active on this front setting up branches across Spain. Infact,  Majorca was one of the first places in the world to have a branch of Conservatives Abroad which at one stage was highly successful and raised plenty of money for the party. However, the future of the branch is now in doubt and membership has fallen from a peak of 300 to the lower single figures. At least five branches of Conservatives Abroad in Spain have closed over recent years or they have merged together. I am told that the Conservative Party is now focusing their attention on the Gulf states, Australia and the United States instead of Spain and Europe.  This is a rather sad state of affairs because our voice needs to be heard in Britain because British government policies affect our lives.  It is yet another example of the forgotten expats.


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