THE calm before the storm? The sun is shining we are in April but where are all the tourists? If you walk around som e of the major resorts you will find that many hotels are still not open and refurbishment work is still underway. Shops, restaurants and bars are slowly opening for the season but you don´t get the impression that Majorca is open for business at 100 percent. You see Easter is the benchmark; the season starts during Easter week. But Easter this year has fallen much later but still there is no early start to the season despite talk from the Balearic government about lengthening the holiday season.  Majorca will not be working at full capacity before the end of the month. Granted there are some hotels open but I would have expected many more. The problem is despite all the rhetoric from the local authorities the season continues to get shorter every year. This year it will start on end of 1 April/May and probably finish by the middle of September. A five month holiday season is not enough for the Balearics especially when you are enjoying summer-like weather at the moment. Local businesses will have just five months to make enough money to keep them going for  the other seven months of the year. If only the Balearic government made a real effort and underlined the virtues of the island all year around. There are some tourists about at the moment but I am sure that we could have many more.


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