LEARNING English is  becoming big business. In fact the Spanish are beating us at our own game. Over recent years scores of Spanish owned English schools have opened up in Spain. They have been so successful that Spanish companies are now running private schools in England. Their tried and tested system in Spain is now working in Britain with British pupils. Amazing but true. So far Spanish education companies have just bought a handful of British schools but it is a trend which will continue. And it is not just Britain. Spanish firms are opening schools with a slant on English in India and Panama.Incredible but true. Spanish firms have spotted a worldwide thirst to learn English and they are cashing in. It is a sad state of affairs when foreign companies have to show British firms how to exploit their own language. Perhaps we should ask the Spanish for some tips on football. Britain may have invented the game but it is the Spanish who are world champions. We should learn our lesson. Exploit what we got before someone else does it.


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