OVER the  past few weeks, we have received a number of letters criticisjng the attitude and behaviour of cyclists, especially those cycling in packs.
Iam a cyclists and over the past few years have been involved in three accidents. One with a Palma taxi driver, who claimed he did not see me as he pulled out from the rank, and the other two with so-called fellow cyclists who were quite simply not focused on what they were doing or where they were going.
I want to see the cycling boom here in Majorca continue but, it can not be allowed to get out of  control.
Granted the authorities have a duty to make sure the roads are safe but cyclists also have a duty to behave themselves, obey the laws and use lots of common sense.
I once witnessed a chap cycling along near Portixol while talking on his mobile, so interesting was the conversation he failed to see the lamp post he subsequently wrapped himself around.
And, just the the other day, I watched a cyclist trying  to beat the lights and the traffic in the centre of Palma while also talking on his mobile phone. If you have to use hands free phones while driving, cyclists should also be banned from using them.
It saddens me to say it but the spotlight is on us  cyclists, especially those from overseas who perhaps needs to familiarise themselves with the local traffic laws before they start hurtling round the countryside.


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