THE dispute raging in the Port of Andraitx between cyclists and local residents could escalate into a very nasty and potentially damaging situation for cycle tourism if the local council  or authorities at large do not tackle the problem.
What is the problem?
 The problem is that groups of as many as 200 cyclists are being bused to the Port from Alcudia and Can Picafort to enjoy getting out on the roads around the island. But, after an hour-plus sitting on a coach after breakfast, no sooner are they dropped off in the Port - nature comes calling.
And, instead of being guided to the public toilets in the Port, they choose to either dive into the bushes or irrigate local residents’ garden walls. Police are supposed to be on patrol but since this was called for by the council last week, just one out of hundreds of cyclists urinating  and defecating in public has been hit with the 90 euro fine. Cycling has become Majorca’s boom tourism sector, more cyclists now come to Majorca than golfers  - the latter complaining that the green fees are too high and the quality of the courses poor by comparison to those on the mainland or elsewhere.
But, for Majorca’s cycle bonanza to continue, without scores of fatalities and accidents as well every year, the sector is going to have to be regulated while cyclists need to show the island and its residents some respect. How do you think a German would react if  I casually urinated on his garden wall?