New ‘Good Citizen Plan’ comes into effect gradually from today. | Jason Moore


Palma City Council is getting ready to boost security during the summer season and yesterday  a new mixed police force commission was formed.

Palma.—As a result of cross-forces security a meeting was held with Palma Council on 14 May, yesterday a new security commission was created involving the capital’s  Local Police and the National Police forces. Over the past week, Palma City Council has come under fire from opposition parties, business people and residents in the Playa de Palma over an apparent lack of a security plan this summer with only six extra police being deployed to the resort, however, the council appears to have other ideas.
After yesterday’s meeting at which both forces agreed to cooperate in forming the commission, it was announced that the body will meet next Tuesday, and every Tuesday during the summer, to discuss its plan of action.