White Dee enjoying herself in Magalluf.


Palma.—Reality TV star White Dee caused a major sensation when she was the guest at a pool party in Magalluf earlier this month, however, the fall out could cost her dearly as the debate in the media over her behaviour and lifestyle continues to rage on.
This week, the Prime Minister David Cameron,  stepped in after the star of Channel 4’s Benefits Street insisted she would continue taking state handouts until he or his Government stopped her.
White Dee, whose real name is Deidre Kelly, has repeatedly insisted she is too ill to work as she suffers from depression but since appearing on the series, has become something of a ‘celebrity’ and has been booked to appear at a number of events in Spain and France - she returns for another Magalluf pool party later next month - and is reportedly about to agree to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.