WE are living in interesting times and if anyone thought that there would be joyous transfer of power from King to Prince in Spain, they were mistaken. There are growing calls across the country for a referendum to be called on whether Spain wants the monarchy. Within hours of King Juan Carlos announcing his abdication thousands of people had gathered in squares across the country calling for the return to the Old Republic. Even the Balearic Socialist Leader, Francina Amengol, supported the referendum idea yesterday and said that the people should have their say. Now, King Juan Carlos was on the throne for almost 40 years and overall he did a very good job. So, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Give the new Prince a chance. Remember that it was his father who helped lead Spain towards democracy after the Franco years. Perhaps, the new King can  lead Spain to a new era of economic prosperity. The last thing that Spain or the government for that matter, need  is a referendum on the monarchy. Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister, is fighting to stop a referendum on independence in Cataluña, and there is already talk of similar breakaway tendencies in  the Basque Country. As King Juan Carlos said when he announced his abdication, now is the time for young people to take the lead role. He is right ofcourse. The new King deserves a chance. If he fails then perhaps we can thing about a referendum but I doubt that he will fail.