By Jason Moore
THE Balearic branch of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE)broke party ranks yesterday and called for a referendum on whether Spain wanted to continue with a monarchy.
The annoucement yesterday came just 24 hours after King Juan Carlos announced that he was abdicating in favour of his son, Prince Felipe. The leader of the local branch of the socialist party, Francina Armengol, said that the King´s abdication had given the country a golden opportunity to decide on its future. Armengol, who declared herself  to be a  republican, underlined the important role which King Juan Carlos had played during the transition from dictatorship to democracy.
“However, over the last few years the monarchy have taken some very questionable decisions, which have affected their popularity, so perhaps the time has come for the people of Spain, especially those who were not born when the King took the throne, to have their say.”