IT took many years and plenty of hard work for this island to develop into one of the top holidayspots in the world but all this is being put at risk by what could be described as complacency. Magalluf and parts of Arenal have their fair share of problems ranging from street vendors to muggers masquerading as prostitutes. The massive growth in all inclusive holidays and the slogan “you can leave your wallet or purse at home”  is causing major problems for the bar and restaurant trade in the resorts.  And then you have holiday home owners who can’t rent out their properties legally and the lack of winter flights. These are all big issues and need the attention of the Balearic Government.  I think you can say that all is not well within our tourist industry. I know it sounds incredible but the tourist industry appears to have lost importance in the corridors of power in the Balearics. It should be the main  issue for the local government. Tourists need to leave these shores happy and want to return. The local government seems to spend most of its time discussing issues which have little or no relevance for the Balearics or its people. I remember the manager of one department store in Palma telling me that if the Balearics had a good summer season then everyone was happy and had money to spend. Unfortunately, this message appears to have been forgotten. Majorca needs tourists and tourists need to want to come here. It is as simple as that. So perhaps a wake-up call is needed?