The Local Police tackling the prostitutes.

Security forces in Calvia have started their summer security operation with a series of joint operations involving the Guardia Civil and the Local Police which will continue through the summer tourist season.

Palam.—Amidst the clamour from residents, businesses people, bar owners and the tour operators for greater security this year with the gangs of muggers masquerading as prostitutes already out in force,  despite Magalluf and other resorts being relatively quiet, it appears that the security forces have already  started taking action.
This summer, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police are going to be working in closer cooperation and the two combined forces have already carried out a number of operations to tighten security in key  flashpoints, in particular in and around Punta Ballena in Magalluf.

Maximum safety
The primary aim of the operations is to ensure the maximum level of safety for local residents and holiday makers during the tourist season.
However, their remit is  to also protect the rights of the commercial sector by combating illegal street trading and the rights of consumers.