IF anyone askswhat Britain has done  for Europe, then they should have been watching the D-Day anniversary events yesterday. Seventy years on and many are openly questioning Britain´s role in Europe and whether it is a part of Europe. Well Ihope that the events in Normandy yesterday and on Thursday will have refreshed everyone´s memory and minds. Ofcourse Britain was alongside the United States and the Commonwealth nations as well but in 1944 Britain was at the heart of the free Europe. The D-Day landings and the eventual defeat of the Nazis helped lead to the formation of the European Union. The men and women who were honoured yesterday fought hard and long to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. Now, I sincerely doubt that we will see D-Day being marked in this way again but obviously we should never forget. Now, in 1944 some say that the Second World War was already won. The Soviets were on the march  and the Nazis were in retreat on the eastern front. But, the Normandy landings were still a very close run thing.  The landings marked the beginning of the end for Hitler and just under a year later, Berlin fell.   So now 70 years later and Britain is being accused of pulling back from Europe and isolating itself from the continent. This is far from the truth; when the free Europe needed Britain it stood tall and helped free it. The sacrifice which was made then should never be forgotten.


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