10-06-2014miquel a. ca

Palma.—Opposition left wing parties on Palma City Council yesterday the PP Mayor, Mateo Isern, who was accompanied by the Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza and the President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Salom (pictured above) that the party’s days in power are “numbered”.
Spokesperson for the Eco-nationalist Party MES, Antoni Verger, accused Isern and Bauza of being exactly the same; “incapable of dialogue, inept, corrupt and pretentious”.
During the “state of the city” debate, during which Isern claimed that Palma is a much better place than it was when the Socialist coalition was in power, Verger said that people are living in Palma in worse conditions than they were three years ago, that there are 12,000 families with 100 percent unemployment, long term unemployment is at 40 percent and that small shops are closing by the day.


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